Juneau Housing Trust Inc.





The Juneau Housing Trust represents a new approach to creating affordable housing for low-income Juneau homebuyers. Called a community land trust, this model of housing is growing in popularity around the nation, in areas like Juneau with high land costs.

The Trust, which began in 2000, is currently completing the second phase of an eight-home project on Crow Hill in Douglas. While the first four homes are sold,  applications are being accepted for the second phase. Treadwell Prospect Phase II

Affordable Home Ownership:

Under a community land trust, the land is owned by a non-profit trust, while the house is sold to qualified low-income homebuyers. In Juneau, the average price of a single-family lot is $40,000, with often the same amount needed to develop the site for construction. This extraordinarily high cost of land is putting home ownership out of reach of many Juneau residents. Taking the land out of the equation makes houses affordable.

A Permanent Pool of Affordable Homes:

The Juneau Housing Trust sets the resale price of any home in the community land trust, ensuring its affordability for each successive home buyer. Under its resale formula, the homeowner, when the home is sold, receives all the money he or she uses to pay off the home mortgage, plus 25% of the appreciated value of the home. Put another way, the seller receives 25% of the difference in appreciation of the home.

For example, if a buyer purchases a Juneau Housing Trust home that is appraised for $160,000, and then sells it five years later when it appraises for $180,000, the seller receives $5,000, plus whatever funds he or she put into the purchase.

The rest of the appreciation goes to the Trust and back into the house, allowing it to be sold again to a low-income homebuyer. The Trust assists with the sale, and may buy the home itself if there isn't a qualified homebuyer available.

A Say in Creating the Trust:

One-third of the board that administers the Juneau Housing Trust is made of homebuyers in the trust or people who qualify for home ownership. This gives low-income homebuyers the opportunity to help create and run the trust. Thank you to www.pressurecookerpros.com for thier support of our project.


Community land trusts can take many forms, including entire neighborhoods, single-family homes scattered throughout the community and even mobile home parks. Some community land trusts even encourage industries for their homeowners.

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